Packaging Parts Plus  

Packaging Parts Plus, Inc.

Packaging Parts Plus, Inc. is an independent wholesaler of aftermarket replacement parts and options primarily for the shrink packaging industry.  We were founded in 1987 with the vision of providing the packaging distributor with a customer driven alternative source for their parts requirements.  Over the years we have grown to be one of the most respected companies in our industry.  We are committed to delivering our customers with high quality components and yet still remain value oriented.

We are located in the north woods of Wisconsin where the tempo of life has the ability to soothe the tempo of business.  This is where you can always find a listening ear for your questions and requests or your concerns and complaints (constructive criticism is applied here).  We will help you if we can, and not lead you to believe we can, when we can't.

Our "economical over-engineering" and volume purchasing has provided us with unforeseen business opportunities and has opened our customer base to the packaging machinery manufacturer.  Many times we stock (and sometimes design) the components they use for manufacturing. These manufacturers are able to share our warehouse which allows them operate their businesses with less overhead and still provide their equipment at an economical level.  When you purchase a new piece of shrink packaging equipment, chances are good that you are buying a machine that includes a part that originated from our inventory.

Through partnerships with our vendors and customers, many parts from the past generation of sealers and tunnels have been redesigned and updated to meet the demands of today's rigorous packaging atmosphere.  We are always open to any new ideas that will make our products better, make our products less expensive or make the job of service technician easier.  We understand that our success is dependent on yours and our employees are dedicated to provide the services and products necessary for our distributor-supplier family to flourish.

In 1987 we started our business with one part.  Life was much simpler then, but not as rewarding as the feeling of satisfaction we get today by delivering the products you require.  Our inventory has grown substantially over the years and we continue to add the parts for which we are most often asked.  If you have had trouble outsourcing the parts you need to be competitive, we hope you allow us to help.  If you haven't looked at the products we offer lately, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Please take a moment to browse our website.  You may notice that pricing is not available for the items we supply.  You can feel at ease knowing that as a wholesale supplier we do not share pricing information to the general public.  In North America our products are supplied on a wholesale or OEM level only.  If you are a servicing distributor* of shrink packaging machinery, and do not have a user name or password, please contact us toll free at 1-888-993-2929 and allow us to share a temporary login to enhance your browsing capabilities.

*New distributorships may not be available in all locations.